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Savage collective, founded in november 2019, is an organisation based on collaboration devoted to intellectual and creative initiatives. Its projects involve exhibition and cultural event curations, critical writing and publishing which explore contemporary art and photography through multi disciplinary solutions. Savage prioritizes changing perspectives, convergence and collusion. To be a Collective is to embody a school of thought, to experiment with ideas, to create coherent narrative content.

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AB. It’s surprising that a Collective has chosen Savage as its name when its very nature fully tends towards the other, in reflection and in action. Is it to suggest a first state from which to start again to re-think, re-invent the necessities and balance of our time? It also implies that convergence leads to collaboration, that the variety of points of view leads to reflection, that consensus leads to conviction. The Collective is harmony, because it is the balance of thoughts, ambitions, decisions and therefore actions. If there is harmony, it is because there is complementarity.
NA. Two qualities that allow emergence and appearance. We have a common taste for emergence, for a culture of the surrounding as well as the breakdown of thoughts. This is how our attention to display is written at the very heart of our artistic directions. The dramaturgy - at the same time adaptation, composition and combinatorial play, is conceived as a multiple passage towards the off-stage. We like to deploy narrative principles that explore the challenges of what is visible / invisible.
MF. Savage knows no boundaries or censorship. From its spirit of openness to other cultures and alternative practices derives a desire to give free rein to artists struggling against subordination and in need of support to express themselves freely. Likewise, the collective can temporarily set up in a distant and unexpected place, the time of an intervention, a meeting, an exchange. By increasing the number of gateway creations and thus weaving an increasingly relevant network, Savage is expanding its influence. Where it goes, it is synonymous with refuge and cultural troublemaker.

VF. Bringing people together and freeing up speech are the foundations of the Savage project. Being together to ensure the mission to be accomplished, supporting the artists, keeping questions wide open, ensuring freedom of prose, promoting exchanges so that they become pillars. To be united so that art can continue to help us live.

JP. This collective does not have a single label, facet or function. On the contrary a multitude and this is where Savage draws its strength. Today, we choose to be together and not to work on a single aspect of our business but in its entirety, in order to provide a global vision. We create a canvas, links are woven and it grows: sometimes as artistic director, as exhibition or production curator. Savage has several heads, literally and figuratively.